How Loud is 138 dB?

How loud is 138 dB?  Very,
Very, VERY LOUD!  

138 dB C-weighted is approximately equal to 30,000 Watts of sound power.  Wow!

The Chrysler Air Raid Siren is the loudest sound signaling device ever built. [ Article ]

The threshold of pain is 130 dB, anything above that level causes immediate ear damageThe Chrysler Air Raid Siren produces that level of sound nearly 200 feet in front of the projectors.

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The Chrysler Air Raid Siren is approximately fourteen times louder than a jackhammer!

To give some perspective, the sound level on the deck of an aircraft carrier 50 feet from a military jet aircraft taking-off using an afterburner has been measured at 130 dB. The Chrysler Air Raid Siren measures 138 dB at 100 feet (nearly twice the sound level at twice the distance).

Most popular air raid and warning sirens today produce a sound level of 127 dB at 100 feet and provide a typical one-mile radius coverage area.  At 138 dB the Chrysler Air Raid Siren is approximately two times as loud and will provide a two and one-half mile radius coverage area with the same sound level at the distant edge.  The most powerful siren available for purchase today (American Signal's Tempest™ T-135-AC™) produces a sound level of 135 dB at 100 feet.  The 3dB higher output of the Chrysler Air Raid Siren, at 138 dB, represents twice as much sound energy output.

Siren coverage is based on a 10 dB loss factor.  That's to say, for every doubling of distance from the siren the sound level will be reduced 10 dB.  [ Siren Coverage Standards ]

This is the loss chart for the Chrysler Air Raid Siren:

Distance from Siren Sound Level Comparable Noise Source
100 feet 138 dB Chrysler Air Raid Siren
200 feet 128 dB Current Military Siren @ 100 ft
400 feet 118 dB Auto Horn @ 3 ft
800 feet 108 dB Close to Train
1,600 feet 98 dB Jackhammer
3,200 feet 88 dB Food Blender
1.2 miles 78 dB Car at 65 MPH @ 25 ft
2.4 miles 68 dB Vacuum Cleaner
4.9 miles 58 dB Office Conversation
9.7 miles 48 dB  
19.4 miles 38 dB  

[ Chrysler Air Raid Siren Effective Coverage Area ]



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